Look So Strange

by Fire in the Field

Boston’s Fire in the Field drops their new EP produced by Grammy Award Winning Audio Engineer Jay Frigoletto.

These four new tracks are of the highest quality and production showcasing the genre bending rock group’s appetite for mixing it up but giving the fans what they want. Rock n’ Roll is a journey to be discovered while listening not blindly consumed; and no one knows this better than Fire in the Field.

“Honey Cup” – a soulful foot stomper written as a thank you to the Gospel greats – Aretha, Mavis, Mahalia Jackson, and a tip of the hat to the Mississippi John Hurt. This song is somewhere between the Black Crowes and the Rolling Stones but is all Mike Moore, the songwriter, vocalist, and lead guitar slinger of Fire in the Field.

“These Hills” – is a fresh and dark prog-rock voyage. A psychedelic escape scene from the first person perspective of a pilot and co-pilot escaping the clutches of authoritarian oppression. The title of the EP comes from the pre-chorus of “These Hills.” Listen for Jay Frigolettos’ mind blowing keyboard solo at the end along with Raquel’s sensual and heavy Sabaath-like melody throughout the choruses. The main riff bobs and weaves like a Dr. Dre B-side.

“Most Evil” – the third release from FITF dawns yet another instrumental piece and this one is as true to its name as they come. It may be the slowest song on the EP but arguably pumps the most blood through the system while clouded in dark mystery. Listen for the ear-candied vocoder at the end along with the live one-take guitar solo.

“Eyes” – Mike wrote this song as a warning to himself - to avoid negative states of mind the physical and visual world can influence you to feel. The tune is a straight up rocker pumping through to the end, pausing only to funk out for a moment to trade guitar and keyboard licks before the final build to madness.
  1. 1 Honey Cup 03:52 Info Buy
  2. 2 These Hills 04:40 Info Buy
  3. 3 Most Evil 03:13 Info Buy
  4. 4 Eyes 03:40 Info Buy

Click the image to hear Mike interviewed on WEMF Radio by Dave Crespo on the new EP plus live acoustic performance!